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evo-ContactMe is a Corporate SMS mailbox. It works the same way like your company's inquiry email; simple but effectively helping you operate round the clock. The main different of this service is from which media the message is sent. In comparison, sending SMS (by your potential clients) is far more handy than turning on a PC, dial-up/connect to Internet, launch email program, and finally send an email to your company's inquiry email address.

It's 8pm. A potential customer sees your advertisement in newspaper, and interested to find out more about your product. So, he picks up the phone and dials your office number, but ...

Then, he says to himself: Let me call them tomorrow.

Now, what do you think is the chance of him calling your office the next day, or after a long weekend? What can you do to get him in, while he is still reading your advertisement? Our answer to you is the evo-ContactMe service. Let evo-ContactMe help you capture these customers, while you are not able to.

Today, you can be rest assured with evo-ContactMe that, all readers are able to reach you, without knowing your mobile number, at any time, any where. Isn't this amazing!!

Enable your evo-ContactMe today, open up and make your communications channel easily accessible to your customers, and ultimately maximize the return of all A&P investments!!

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