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evo-CRM is a atabase tool that lets you profile and categorize your customers by various important facts such as location, industry, product/s purchased, loyalty level, payment track record, and etc.

With a pool of customers' profiles, you can then retrieve a list of most targeted customers for up-sell marketing activities, using the evo-CRM's search tool. For example, you can easily retrieve customers who are:
   » based in Selangor only;
   » and had purchased product 1;
   » and loyal customers;
   » and good payment track record.

Once you have acquired the list of your targeted customers, you will be able to effectively promote to them your new product/s, send them seasonal greetings, and/or any kind of marketing and customer retention program.

So, start to profile your customers today with evo-CRM, and conduct an utmost up-sell marketing campaign tomorrow.

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