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In any business, there are 2 main markets, being your "existing customers" and "the rest". In most cases, the market of "the rest" is always many times bigger than "existing customers".

While maintaining "existing customers", you will also need to acquire new customers from "the rest", for your business to grow. In order to attract "the rest" towards your business, you need to first create an added value in your offerings. And this is the main objective of our evo-VOUCHER tool!!

How to do this?

evo-VOUCHER allows you to provide virtual discount vouchers, downloadable via a simple SMS.

To made it more attractive to your new customers, you may present a limited quantity of vouchers in your advertisements and promotions campaign. For instance, "300 discount (20%) vouchers are available for download via SMS. Hurry!! First-Come-First-Serve!!".

Enable your evo-VOUCHER today, and expect an ultimate return of your A&P investments!!

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