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SMS, or Short Messaging Service, had been an enormous success in wireless communication networks, with billions of SMS-es being delivered from mobile to mobile daily. It is unstoppable and will continue to grow and evolve.

For us, SMS is NOT just a text messaging service from one mobile to another. It is a powerful communication tool that comes with huge potential in automating business processes, a tool that is able to reduce operation overhead costs, and a tool that is able to improve customer service and satisfaction level.

In evo22-WirelessSuite, we create business solutions using this widely available SMS technology. We have a great vision and mission to provide various SMS tools and applications in improving your business operations. Ultimately, we are here to help you reduce the ever-growing overhead costs, improve the efficiency of your delivery mechanism, and finally increase profitability.

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If your office does not operate 24/7, then you will need an evo-ContactMe SMS mailbox. Make sure that your potential customers are able to reach you, at any time. Tell me more ...


Make your standard documents and literatures such as company profile, product brochure, manual, specification, forms, and etc., are retrievable via SMS to Email. Tell me more ...


Spice up your advertisements by creating added value to your customers with evo-VOUCHER. Start today, to attract new customers towards your business. Tell me more...


evo-RSVP is an SMS Reservation channel that is used for capturing reservation request via the convenient SMS technology. Tell me more...


Categorize your customers with evo-CRM. You can then easily extract more relevant customers list for various retention and loyalty programs. For instance, rewarding only loyal customers with special discount vouchers. Tell me more...


evo-SUPPORT gives you a new method in managing all the field support events to your customers base. Tell me more...


Communicating and notifying your entire customer base can now be done in a speedier, cheaper, and more effective way. Tell me more...

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